New Trumpet Music 5 – FONT New York City

Dave Douglas and Roy Campbell Jr. initiated in 2003 the Festival Of New Trumpet Music (FONT) committed to the support of new music by a diverse community of trumpet and brass players, and the presentation of their work to the public. For the 13th edition of this festival I was in New York City myself and had the pleasure to discover exciting music and (re-)connect with a lot of trumpet players and other musicians. What a great opportunity!

Signatures in Brass, The Jazz Gallery NYC

Before and around this festival I had the chance to meet many friends and make plans for upcoming projects: Sylvie Courvoisier’s Large Ensemble and a new one with my own music. I also tried to enjoy and explore this beautiful and interesting city. I hope to be back soon!

New Trumpet Music 4 – Youngsters

To find out about new records of well known artists is no big deal. But there is also really interesting music by younger and less known trumpet players. Here are three of them.

Four friends of mine started this band a while ago. Now they released their second album called Altruistic Alchemy. Check out the trumpet player Julian Hesse and this fantastic new CD.

Mads la Cour
Another discovery I recently made is trumpet player and composer Mads la Cour. On his new record Quartet (released on WhyPlayJazz) he presents his band Mads la Cour’s Almugi. Very multifaceted music and a great band!

Matthias Lindermayr
Last but not least I’d like to mention this young german trumpet player Matthias Lindermayr and his new record Lang Tang (released on Enja Records). Also great to see and hear him play on an instrument made by Inderbinen Switzerland as the ones I play myself.

Jazz Festival Willisau 2015

Do you want to discover new music? Come to the Jazz Festival Willisau – August 26 – 30, 2015. I’ve been there the first time when I was 17 and have been there every year ever since. A really special place for me. I have heard many great concerts and lots of new discoveries made me love the world of jazz and its variety.

This year I’m really looking forward to hear Dave Douglas and his new group “High Risk”. Also I’m glad to see Chris Lightcap‘s group “Bigmouth” again – a project I discovered in New York some years ago upon the recommendation of the great tenor saxophonist Chris Cheek, who is part of the band. Glad that my friends of Schnellertollermeier will be part of the festival too. Check out the rest of the line up on – See you there!

“Jazz is an international language, youthful in spirit, progressive in outlook, conversant not only with the American jazz heritage but an array of folkloric traditions from around the globe.”

Dale Fitzgerald

Jazzahead! 2015


I’ll be at the Jazzahead! exhibition in Bremen April 23 – 26. Always a great possibility to meet people from around the world and discover some new music. I’m based at the booth «Music Made In Switzerland» (Hall 6, Booth 6C10) and will present some news from the Lucerne Jazz Orchestra, my brother’s band Asmin, the Kaleidoscope String Quartet and my own projects.

If you’re around join the «Alpine Cocktail» and meet everyone from Switzerland and Austria. Drink some nice wine and eat some delicious swiss cheese. Friday, April 24 at 4pm.

New Trumpet Music 1 – Nordic Jazz

Only recently I discovered Finnish trumpet player Verneri Pohjola, who just released his record “Bullhorn”. Great music and an amazing sound. Definitely worth checking out!

Music from the nordic countries has always made a big impression on me. When I started listening to jazz Nils Petter Molvaer was one of my first trumpet heroes. It was only later that I went back in history and started also listening to the cutting-edge jazz trumpet players from the past. I had the chance to meet Nils Petter a few times and hear him live. I still love his sense for beautiful melodies and it’s always a pleasure to listen to his new music. His latest record is called “Switch”.

“Nils Petter Molvaer – Switch” on iTunes

Jazzwerkstatt Bern 2015


«The Jazzwerkstatt Bern is a musicians’ collective. It’s a house with many rooms – the members all play together in different ensembles, they’ve got a big band parked out in the garage that they rev up on weekends, they’ve got a record label bubbling in the basement and they organize an eponymous festival. The Jazzwerkstatt Bern’s raison d’être is new music: to provide a setting for its creation and development, to foster the exchange of ideas between artists and to present the results to the widest possible audience.»

I’m really looking forward to this year’s edition taking place from February 25 to March 1, 2015. The program promises a lot of great concerts, many different projects and a great opportunity to meet people from all over. I’m glad to be part of a project put together for this festival: A large ensemble led by the wonderful pianist Sylvie Courvoisier on Sunday, March 1. Sylvie also plays a duo concert the day before with Marc Stucki. More information you’ll find on the website